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Business Overview

You probably have been searching for the right home business for you, so you are probably tired of coming across business opportunity website which tell you nothing. We'll cover some basic concepts here, but if you want the specifics of the business that we still feel "is the best business out of all of the businesses we own," then read our Mini Book, "How To Survive and Thrive in the 21st Century with the Internet Revolution".

Our Mini Book will discuss the Internet Revolution and how it is affecting the economy, how it is affecting you (good or bad), how to use it to your advantage by leveraging a tangible product, and what company we recommend as far as your tangible product choice.

You can download our , "How To Survive and Thrive in the 21st Century with the Internet Revolution" by clicking here.

Internet Revolution

Call this new revolution whatever you want: Information Age, Globalization, and so on. We're calling it the Internet Revolution, because the internet is the greatest factor in so much of this change. More importantly to YOU, the internet is the key for YOU to have success in the new economy.

There's all sorts of things you can learn to do on the internet. Let's take programming websites for example. More and more people are getting websites up and running. It is a growing market. The problem is that learning programming usually takes a couple of years. Plus, it's a commonly outsourced job. So why invest 2 to 4 years of racking your brain to only learn a trade that can easily be outsourced.

However, internet marketing and associated skills are NOT being outsourced. Why? Well, because they require an ability for critical thinking. You may sit and think that you don't have that. But believe me, you do. Our education system makes it so people have that critical thinking ability. This ability for critical thinking is the main divider between our education system and the education system where jobs are being outsourced too.

Instead of taking 2 to 4 years to learn like programming, you can start learning it, applying it and seeing results in 2 to 4 weeks!

Tangible Product

A good product is necessary for successfully building an internet based passive income. Remember, the internet is where people are coming to for information and help when they buy things.

You need to have a good product to market once you have the internet skills down. People buying a product over and over again, will create that passive income for you. Do the work once, get paid on it multiple times. How wealthy would you be if you had the only gas station in your town? People have to go there all the time to buy gas because they need it.

Business Concepts

Money Making Skills

Money Making Skills are skills that allow a person to generate income without having to rely on an employer or other people. It's about you having 100% control over your ability to make money and take care of yourself, no matter what the economy or job market is doing. This control falls in line with embracing the entrepreneurial ethos (the "E" from LIFE.)

Vested Mentorship

In this relationship, the mentor has a financial interest in your success. Typically you don't pay the mentor any fees or money up front, but he has a financial stake in the business or project. This style is the most powerful and financially rewarding for both the mentor and you.

Since the vested mentor has a financial stake in what you're doing, the more successful you are, the more successful he is. It's as though he owns stock in your level of success and the more successful you become, the higher his stock goes. Where the consultant mentor gets paid whether you're successful or not, your vested mentor's financial interest causes him to go the extra mile in helping you achieve your goals.


Communities are often associated with churches, neighborhoods, and schools, but are not often associated with entrepreneurship and business, which is unfortunate because they can be extremely powerful in helping you become an Anti Suit Entrepreneur. We learned the importance and power of entrepreneurial focused communities inadvertently from one of our first business projects.

Live Life on Your Terms

What Did We Learn Over the Years?

How We Got Started...

Business Plan

Phase I: Create Positive Cash Flow

Phase I focuses helping you make money as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee how long it will take you since everyone is in a unique situation. However, it's fairly easy to do since running a home business typical has a very small monthly overhead (some families spend more on their monthly cell phone bill!)

We'll help you become profitable by building a customer base. Our target is to help you get 20 customers. Typically, 20 customers is enough to get your business past the break even point.

Phase II: Expand Your Business by Creating Leverage

Every successful entrepreneur, business owner, and investor focuses on creating leverage to increase profits. Your home business is no different. Utilizing the network marketing business model, we'll help you start creating leverage by setting up 'mini-franchises.' The concept of "mini-franchises" works very similar to traditional franchises, with the big difference being the difference in how much they cost to setup and run. "Mini-franchises" typically cost a fraction of what a traditional franchise cost.

"Mini-franchises" are perfect for home businesses. For more details on "mini-franchises", watch the "How We Started" video on this page.

Phase III: Your Transition Plan

There is no black and white rules as to when you should quit your job and transition into a full time role with your home business. Over the years, we've accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge. We'll continue to work with you personally in creating and implementing your transition plan from your job into a full time entrepreneur.

After your transition, you'll be ready for Phase IV.

Phase IV: The Big Picture with Diversified Cash Flow

In our book, Anti Suit Entrepreneur, we dedicate an entire chapter discussing the importance of diversified cash flow. To really thrive in the 21st century, you must have diversified cash flow. After we successfully transitioned into being full time entrepreneurs with our home business, we started creating Diversified Cash Flow. We now have five businesses that operate in over 10 countries... and we run all of them from our home offices!

Working with a team of competent entrepreneurs is one of the main reasons we're able to operate our businesses successfully. There will be potential for us and you to partner in future businesses together. Once you've successfully built one home business, you have all the knowledge and skills needed to build other ones.


Will I be contacted by someone?
Yes. We'll need to determine what you are looking for, what experience you have had in the past, and whether you are a candidate for this home business.
Jason Wells and Chris Lopez, the authors of the book, Anti Suit Entrepreneur and owners of the Anti Suit Entrepreneur Company have learned over the years that success in entrepreneurship begins at one point and progresses down a certain road. This road includes several milestone steps that are required to reach a life on your terms. They setup this service, because they believe the same business they got their start with can help you.
First, You fill out the form above. Second, a trusted person from the Anti Suit Entrepreneur Office will contact you. Third, We'll determine if you are the right candidate for this home business. Finally, if you are determined to be the right candidate, we'll introduce you to the business and help you get started and begin your training program.
That's a valid question. First, Jason and Chris have other businesses, are authors of books, so their reputation can be damaged if they associated themselves with a scam. Second, the home business they are recommending is publicly-traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The company we recommend, Chris, and Jason have more to lose than you do ultimately, so try to put yourself in our shoes when this concern comes up for you.
The average person who we accept as a candidate into our program spends about $500 to $600 USD to get the business started. This is an investment in product mainly for the purposes of personal use, because if you are going to represent a tangible product, you need to understand it on a personal level. Not using or believing in a product you are selling just isn't ethical in our opinion. Have you ever talked to a sales person who was selling you something they didn't have a personal experience with? How credible are they? We assume you know the answer to that.
You know the answer you're going to get to that question. We cannot possibly give you that idea, because we don't know you, your experience, and commitment level. However, there are many people who are making a great living at this business; they are making the kind of money that allows them to run this business exclusively. Initially, it's very easy to make about $400 to $500 in revenue if we get you through Phase I of our program.
As with anything, it will take time. Making money is a vague phrase that many people out there use, but often it's used to describe "when will I be making good money." The answer to that question is based upon the averages, people who achieve decent incomes spend two to five years of part-time effort to get to the money making level that is satisfying.

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